Double Down Lounge

Double Down Lounge  //  We're a new East 6th Street, Bar/Lounge in Austin, Texas. We have Cold Beer, strong drinks, a great Jukebox and in a space that's comfortable. We like good music, good drinks and good friends.

Apr 16 / 9:40am

Opening a new Bar in Austin- East 6th and Pedernales

We still have a few months before we're open, but wanted to start sharing information about what we're up to. We're taking over the space where the Peacock Lounge use to be. Turns out the Peacock closed last June (or July) to the dismay of a lot people. But, because they did, it gave us a chance to add our own touch to that space. We officially took over the space at the beginning of April. We hope to be open sometime in June.

Stay tuned for more info about our new Austin bar and tidbits about our journey of getting this awesome space reopened.

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